19. Political Influence

All significant input relating to legislative procedures, all entries in lobby lists, all significant payments of membership fees, all contributions to governments as well as all donations to political parties and politicians should be disclosed by country in a differentiated way.

The Governing Law of Rentenbank (LR-Gesetz) governs its legal form, business purpose and remit.

Rentenbank is a member of the Association of German Public Banks (Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutschlands e.V., VÖB) and the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB). VÖB advocates for the concerns of its membership vis-à-vis the legislative bodies of the federal government and its federal states (Länder), supervisory and regulatory authorities at national and international level, as well as the media and the public. Rentenbank participates in all major matters relating to its banking business and regulation through its committee work as part of its collaboration with VÖB.

In accordance with its code of conduct, Rentenbank does not makes any financial or other direct or indirect donations to political parties.