Key Performance Indicators to criteria 18

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-201-1: Direct economic value generated and distributed
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Direct economic value generated and distributed (EVG&D) on an accruals basis, including the basic components for the organization’s global operations as listed below. If data are presented on a cash basis, report the justification for this decision in addition to reporting the following basic components:
i. Direct economic value generated: revenues;
ii. Economic value distributed: operating costs, employee wages and benefits, payments to providers of capital, payments to government by country, and community investments;
iii. Economic value retained: ‘direct economic value generated’ less ‘economic value distributed’.

b. Where significant, report EVG&D separately at country, regional, or market levels, and the criteria used for defining significance.

Balance sheet figures (as of: 31 Dec. 2020) in million Euros
Total assets: 21,475.2
Own Equity: 1,157.2
Customer loan portfolio 15,540.9
Customer deposits 13,011.4
Performance indicators (as of: 31 Dec. 2020) in million Euros
Net interest income 336.3
Net commission income 113.3
Risk provisions for lending business 30.7
Personnel and other general administrative expenses 281.3
Profit before taxes 114.9
Distributed values (as of: 31 Dec. 2020) in million Euros
Personnel expenses 173.2
of which wages and salaries 143.4
of which social security and expenses 29.8
of which pension provisions 8.0
Other taxes (as of: 31 Dec. 2020) in million Euros
Income tax 35.4
Other taxes 0.8
Obligation to deposit protection and market stabilization schemes 6.9
Deposit protection 5.6 
Bank supervision (ECB and BaFin) 0.5
More information is available on the Internet at OLB Financial Reports.