18. Corporate Citizenship

The company discloses how it contributes to corporate citizenship in the regions in which it conducts its core business activities.

INPACS strengthens family-owned and mid-sized businesses internationally by giving them access to global accounts, competitive purchase opportunities as well as best practice know-how. The central organisation in this course also supports the members when facing economic challenges, to secure their long-term continued existence. The members' employees in turn have a secure job and this sustains the stability of the community. As families, our members feel connected to their communities, because they have been acting there for generations.

In 2019, INPACS' head office has decided against the concept of financial CO2-compensation and against the usage of the claim "climate neutral company". The support of the social compensation projects of the organisation Climate without Borders (Klima ohne Grenzen)  has in this course stopped. Instead, independently of our absolute emissions, we switched to the support of a non-governmental organisation, which is dedicated to international reforestation. By this, we are not only increasing our positive impact on the climate by planting trees, but creating the transparency needed for improving the performance of our climate management.

Furthermore, the heart of the newly adopted group-wide sustainability strategy is the cooperative connection of all stakeholders and creation of transparency on all levels along global wholesale value chains. By educating our customers about the sustainability of their procurement behaviour, by demanding product alternatives with a more ecological product life cycle from our suppliers and by consequently fostering the competition among market players, we achieve a positive effect on the sustainable transformation process of the economy and thus of the society.

Also our engagement within the UN Global Compact expresses our active role within the society in terms of dialogue and cooperation with public and private stakeholders for sustainable value creation.