18. Corporate Citizenship

The company discloses how it contributes to corporate citizenship in the regions in which it conducts its core business activities.

We see ourselves as part of and feel obliged to society. As a major employer and promoter of the region, we have deep roots in Mainburg in the hop-growing countryside of the Hallertau area and remain in close dialog and continual contact with all socially relevant groups.  

Awarding contracts regionally strengthens small-scale farming structures and promotes the development of the hop-growing regions in which our company operates. With local, cultural sponsoring initiatives and support of our employees’ voluntary engagement, we proactively help to shape Hallertau. One example within the reporting period is the Mainburg Voluntary Fire Brigade using our company grounds for their training exercises. Employees who give their time voluntarily to the fire brigade are of course released for emergency call-out duties.  

Similarly important is the promotion of activities around the theme of hops. In this context, we support not only scientific institutions but also cultural bodies, for example the German Hop Museum.  

In terms of our business activities and in the light of the measures identified above, we see no risks to and therefore no negative impacts on social issues. In the topic “Corporate Citizenship,” the company therefore has no management concept because this has been categorized as not material for company activities.