18. Corporate Citizenship

The company discloses how it contributes to corporate citizenship in the regions in which it conducts its core business activities.

In all nine ALDI North Group countries, we work with national initiatives and organisations to support local and overarching projects. The focus is primarily on food and non-food donations. Beyond that, we sometimes provide support in the form of financial donations. Moreover, ALDI Nord Stiftungs GmbH pursues an international charitable mandate that is oriented towards a stipulated charter.

This commitment focuses on the following areas: As a retailer operating on the international stage with a complex value chain, our commitment extends to our products’ countries of origin. Since March 2017, for example, we have supported two coffee and cocoa production projects in Colombia and in west and central Africa. The support benefits farmers and producers in those regions, as well as their families, and contributes to greater sustainability in cultivation.

Food donations: current projects
As a retailer, we have a responsibility to avoid food waste. Efforts to address the issue combine waste management and social commitment. One aspect of our dedication to fighting food waste is to donate unsaleable food that is still edible.  

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