17. Human Rights

The company discloses what measures it takes, strategies it pursues and targets it sets for itself and for the supply chain for ensuring that human rights are respected globally and that forced and child labour as well as all forms of exploitation are prevented. Information should also be provided on the results of the measures and on any relevant risks.

Werner & Metz is a company with a clear position. We assume responsibility and we keep our word. We consider lawful conduct and ethically acceptable behavior essential for our company's lasting success. Respect for human rights is a matter of course within our company and in our supply and value chains. At this time we know of no cases of violations of human rights in our company.  

The business area and production sites of Werner & Mertz, including all affiliated companies, are located in Germany and Austria. Therefore, our activities are subject to the strict German and Austrian legal requirements. We monitor company observance of the laws with targeted measures in compliance management. For this reason we have not set measurable goals and have not conducted a risk analysis for human rights.   

As we work to meet our sustainability obligations and achieve our goals, we use the Supplier Code of Contact as our main tool to ensure respect for human rights within our supply chain. The duty to follow the Code is a component in all contracts with new suppliers and in amended contracts with existing suppliers.   
The core contents and the international norms on which the Supplier Code of Conduct is based are described in detail in Criterion 14.  By means of our extensive Compliance Management system, we can take action against unlawful conduct in the area of human rights. The specific contents of our Compliance Program is provided in Criterion 20.