17. Human Rights

The company discloses what measures it takes, strategies it pursues and targets it sets for itself and for the supply chain for ensuring that human rights are respected globally and that forced and child labour as well as all forms of exploitation are prevented. Information should also be provided on the results of the measures and on any relevant risks.

We follow Sustainable Development Goals and UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights while providing consultancy to our client. Our aim is not only to ensure that HR is respected by the business but also that our clients stand for an asserting of human rights and spreading this principle in their own value chains.
On the other side, since we are working mainly with companies operating in the Czech Republic or in Europe the question of Human rights is not the most urgent. Anyway, for the companies (both clients and suppliers) where HR might be the issue, it is going to be our top priority to ensure they follow them. This will be also incorporated in our Sustainability Strategy.