16. Qualifications

The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and in view of adapting to demographic change, and where risks are seen.

Training and education 
We need highly qualified, motivated staff in order to successfully continue on our growth trajectory. In return, we offer them interesting development and career opportunities and a stimulating working environment.

In-house training is the main method used to develop junior professionals. We offer young individuals the opportunity to gain a foothold in the form of work experience when they are still at school, as well as training for careers such as real estate agent and management assistant for marketing and communication. Students can enter the world of work by joining us as an intern, a student employee or – following the successful completion of their degree – as a trainee. We support and offer dual courses of study in Business Administration/Real Estate Industry, Business Studies/Tax and Auditing, and Technical Facility Management, combining practical experience within our company with a theoretical course of study at the Berlin School of Economics and Law (Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin).
Our HR strategy rests on structured staff development which enables employees to hone their personal strengths. Based on the development potential and needs identified in this way, we have been using a company-wide education programme accessed via a dedicated online portal since 2016. The education programme consists of staff development, specialist and interdisciplinary training, managerial skills and talent management. It bundles similar development needs and offers in-house training designed to cater for these requirements. With this approach, we proactively help our employees and managers to progress in their careers, create synergies and promote interdepartmental networks. 

The continuing professional development programme at FACILITA is geared towards sharing the knowledge needed for specific roles. For instance, all caretakers receive training in electrical engineering and communicating with customers in the housing industry. Meanwhile, operating staff and managers are prepared for new challenges via specially designed courses on focal topics. As part of this, for example, FACILITA and the Academy of Real Estate Management (Akademie der Immobilienwirtschaft e. V. – BBA) in Berlin jointly planned and ran a course lasting several weeks entitled “Facility management in brief: focus on residential properties”.

Occupational health and safety 
We want to offer our employees a safe, healthful working environment.  Each of our administrative locations is inspected once a year by the company’s safety officers, the occupational health and safety specialist and, if applicable, the company physician. The latter two are appointed externally. The issues of occupational health and safety, the equipping of workstations and possible preventive measures are discussed at the on-site meetings, which are also attended by a company representative, and any improvements are initiated.  Deutsche Wohnen and FACILITA have established occupational health and safety committees as required by law. They support and monitor our company-wide health and safety programmes and offer advice when needed. We also ensure that all workplace accidents are documented thoroughly. Such incidents are recorded in a central logbook and assessed once a year. At FACILITA, a logbook is kept at each site.  Our occupational health management scheme ensures that employees can take responsibility for maintaining their own health via a range of offerings. These include regular health awareness days, free massages, bowls of fruit to promote a balanced diet or sporting events. 
We have also introduced a corporate integration management scheme for people returning to work after a lengthy illness.

The strategic and operational goals for the “Responsibility for employees” area of action can be found under Criterion 3, Objectives.