16. Qualifications

The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and in view of adapting to demographic change, and where risks are seen.

Personal development is in our corporate mission statement
At Werner & Mertz it is our goal that every employee fully realize his potential. In accordance with the objectives of the Learning Organization, the company sets its stake on individualized, needs-oriented strategic development. This principle leads to greater satisfaction and motivation on the part of each employee, who, in turn, can contribute more to the success of the entire organization.  

The central objective of our company in Training and Personal Development, which we have incorporated in our Sustainability Roadmap, is the establishment of strategic personnel planning that offers attractive qualification and career opportunities. For that purpose, the required processes for needs-based training and qualification are to be devised and implemented by 2025. They include function descriptions, a model for job roles, individual and departmental plans, qualification matrices, employee-supervisor talks, strategic successor planning and personnel needs planning. Because the previously mentioned goals will first be worked out and agreed to at the end of the reporting year, the degree of achievement of those goals cannot yet be determined.

The Werner & Mertz Group conducts business at its Mainz site in Germany and at  a second production site in Hallein, Austria. In both countries comprehensive labor laws are in effect. Therefore, major risks in the area of qualification cannot be identified.  

To reach our self-imposed targets, we adhere to three central guidelines:

To make our strategic personnel development transparent, we have developed a model for job roles based on our target culture, which sets the framework for careers at Werner & Mertz. The highly varied career opportunities take into account our company's strategic personnel needs and our employees' individual career paths, which are documented in personal development plans.  Structured, regular feedback gives us information about our employees' strengths, potential, and development wishes and helps us with our assessments of employees' suitability for other roles and positions. 

Personal training needs are determined in many ways, including the annual Competence Development Assessment (CDA) between employee and supervisor. Giving and receiving feedback is a basic component of our corporate culture. Feedback drives us to make changes and develop a shared understanding of the behavior patterns that bring us together and help us succeed. Our CDA is both a cultural instrument and the foundation for employees' personal development and our personnel development processes.  

During the meeting, the employee can give the supervisor feedback on his work and leadership role. It is an important tool that managers value for the development of their own competence. Different aspects are considered, including  the continuous development of professional, social and methodical competencies and special requirements such as IT or language skills. One outcome of the CDA is the derivation and implementation of concrete personal development measures. We support employees who want to continue their vocational education or obtain university degrees while they remain employed. Werner & Mertz finances these efforts fully or proportionally and gives employees the required time off.     
Other measures in training and continuous education are:   
Healthy working atmosphere:  Nutrition and ergonomic workplaces   
Health Management at the Werner & Mertz Group is based on the three pillars  of "Nutrition", "Exercise" and "Relaxation". We also offer check-ups and screenings in cooperation with our company doctor. Healthful nutrition is an important issue for us. Fresh organically grown apples, filtered, cooled tap water and hot beverages are free for everyone. The Employee Restaurant in Mainz offers menus certified by DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung) that are labeled "Job & Fitmit Genuss zum Erfolg!"

Our employees should feel well cared for at their desks and workstations. We make sure to have the right ergonomics and we regularly check workplace conditions. That applies too for the conditions that affect the mental health of our employees. Comprehensive compliance with the duty of care is ensured at Werner & Mertz with a culture of open communication, flat hierarchies, support from external service providers with unanticipated and short-lived problems with looking after children or caring for other family members, integration management and health-oriented leadership.

Healthy working atmosphere: Encouraging exercise
To encourage healthy and energy-saving mobility, we offer our employees  the bicycle of their choice – including e-bikes – which they can use for their commute and in their free time. If a bike with an electric motor is selected, the rider can charge the battery at no cost on the company premises. All of that is made possible with a leasing project to which the company makes a generous contribution to the monthly fee. At the end of the leasing period, the bicycle can be returned or acquired by its user.

Our employees can always do something for their health. The motto is here is "Information and Prevention": lecture series, courses and concrete medical measures, examinations by the company doctor and vaccinations help our employees to stay healthy. Our "Join in – Be Frosch & Fit" actions are specially meant to help employees do something for their personal fitness in their everyday lives without too much time and effort.