16. Qualifications

The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and in view of adapting to demographic change, and where risks are seen.

Every year, we ask our employees about their training needs by means of a survey. These trainings are then conducted by either visiting lecturers or our own staff. Thus, we do not see any significant risks/negative effects of our activities on the qualification of our employees. If we were to identify any negative effects (e.g. in the course of determining the needs of training), we would react accordingly.

The aim is that our drivers participate in a quality training once a year on the following topics: waste, hazardous goods, HACCP / hygiene, driving and rest periods, driving fatigue, etc.

Anhalt Logistics is in the process of introducing online training for all employees. By 2020, we want to conduct most trainings online. Among others, these trainings cover: transport-relevant training, compulsory training, occupational safety training, technical training and product training.

We are working on digitalization at Anhalt – some areas already work paperless. All other areas are to follow. The implementation is planned for 2020.

The 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 professional driver qualification law (BKrFQG) module trainings and our own quality trainings for our drivers are conducted by our own, certified teaching staff. In 2019, 257 of our drivers participated in these trainings, which were followed by a quality training on compulsory contents.

Furthermore, the different teams of drivers have regulars’ tables during which department-specific trainings are conducted (e.g. on occupational safety-related topics).

We do not see any essential risks arising from our business activity, our business relationships or our services. Therefore, we also do not see any negative effects on employee qualification. This is explained by our drivers only working in Europe since we do not operate in risk countries.