16. Qualifications

The company discloses what goals it has set and what measures it has taken to promote the employability of all employees, i.e. the ability of all employees to participate in the working and professional world, and in view of adapting to demographic change, and where risks are seen.

The qualification of our staff is an essential lever for the preservation of the health of employees and for achieving the objective of our corporate health management – i.e. the above mentioned support of employees in relation to the stress and strain concept issued by the professional association.
OLB sets high demands to the qualification of its employees. The technical competency of staff members is a decisive criterion, in particular for the personal advice and consulting of clients over the phone. As a consequence of this claim to quality, special emphasis is placed on hiring highly qualified employees who focus on consulting and sale in order to ensure the quality of advice for our clients. And, to always keep the knowledge and abilities of employees on the best and latest level, OLB attached great importance on a comprehensive further education and training of its staff members. The core element of this offer is the Learning Management System iQ which includes comprehensive digital offers so that further training and education can be performed both in relation to the activity and in a comprehensive manner and independently of the employee’s location. OLB received the eLearning Award 2021 in the segment of eLearning Production, on the basis of the contents included in iQ in the year 2020. During the Corona virus pandemic, staff members quickly received suitable digital offers in iQ to be able to master the new challenges – including, in particular, e-training in relation to mobile work and virtual team communication.
Additional advanced training offers (both seminars with personal attendance, webinars (that replaced some of the formats with personal presence in 2020) and e-trainings) on health topics and offers on personality development were provided, regular staff discussions with superiors were integrated in the processes (e.g. corporate integration management or regular assessment discussions) and the Bank pursued comprehensive awareness-raising measures to health topics through the intranet and iQ to ensure that employees are able to render their services in an optimum manner. The further increase of the iQ offer in 2020 forms a good basis for the qualification of employees and highly supports the achievement of the objectives in view of the qualification for 2020. Higher usage rates in some of the voluntary offers are still desirable. Given the comprehensive digital options and available options in iQ, OLB had already been well prepared for the pandemic.
The Bank has exclusively business locations in Germany and is exclusively active on a national level as regards staff matters. It plans to equip all office workplaces with height-adjustable desks which exceeds the national standards. The awareness of staff members for physical strain is raised in connection with regular site-visits, incl. behavioural recommendations by company physicians and by the officer for occupational safety. They also provide concrete support at the workplace for employees in their efforts to develop a long-term and age-appropriate working style.
No date has been set yet for achieving these objectives, since these are long-term objectives. An indication for the degree of achievement of such objectives can be derived from indicators (e.g. the number of accidents, reports on the inability to work of employees issued by health insurances) which are analysed on a regular basis. The assessments made in the year 2020 provided information on a good achievement of these objectives.
OLB offers its employees numerous career and development options. Externally offered advanced and further training options as well as inhouse training sessions are available to all employees. This ensures that employees are involved in sustainable topics. Likewise, the Bank supports its employees when they enrol in advanced training in parallel to performing their occupation (training to become a banking specialist and banking administration specialist or Bachelor and Master studies). Applicable guidelines provide for both financial and intangible support.
Strategic succession plans are made and needs for advanced training are determined in annual discussions between the department of Human Resources and the officers of the Banks. In addition, top performers and staff with top potentials are identified systematically.
The average age of all actively employed staff members (not including trainees) of OLB was 45 years at the end of 2020. The age group between 45 and 54 years was most strongly represented in the Bank.
The Bank permanently analyses the achievement of its targets and its risks and does so, in particular, when it determines business objectives while analyzing their impact on the qualification of employees. It determines both the risks arising from the business activity (e.g. consulting and sale of bank products), from business relationships (e.g. bank clients such as private clients, corporate clients or private banking clients) and from our services (e.g. financing advice, insurances or investment types). The operational losses / risks found systemically in the past (e.g. due to court decisions or damage arising from consulting) provide indications for future risk classifications for certain measures. No essential risks can be found which might have serious negative effects on the qualification of employees.