16. Qualifications

The higher education institution explains which targets and measures it has adopted to foster the qualifications and skills of all its members with respect to sustainable behaviour. Furthermore, it outlines how these will be adapted to cater for demographic developments and future challenges.

The professional education and qualification of students and employees is one of the elementary importances for the university. The Environmental Campus stands out in this regard with its teaching focused on the topic of sustainability. Every consecutive Bachelor's and Master's degree program and also the part-time and dual training options have a subject-specific reference to sustainability, from technology to computer science to business administration or law. Beyond the well-founded subject-related studies, students and employees at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld are offered a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional education and training. further education is offered. In addition to the university's internal offer of various language courses, all university employees can, for example, participate in a tandem program or obtain language certificates. In addition, various further training courses are offered via personnel development measures, and the state's didactic further training program is also available to the teaching staff in addition to the university's own. Derived from the strategic goals of Trier University, we identified the following current fields of action as the PE area for the university administration and its affiliated areas, which also take into account the demographic development:
1. leadership development in the area of university administration and its associated areas
2. establishment of a company health management system (BGM)
3. establishment of a company integration management system (BEM)

The Environmental Campus also strives to break down language barriers for foreign students as well as for refugees. For this purpose, "German as a Foreign Language" courses with different levels of difficulty are offered. As part of the refugee project "INTEGRA", preparatory German courses are also offered to prepare refugees for taking the "TestDAF certificate".

Detailed information on the projects already mentioned as well as on the university's continuing education offerings can be found in the german Sustainability Report 2017/2018 in the chapter "Continuing Education and Qualification opportunities" starting on p. 64. Further training objectives are agreed individually as part of personnel development. Further information on personnel development can be found on the german homepage.