15. Equal Opportunities

The company discloses in what way it has implemented national and international processes and what goals it has for the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity, occupational health and safety, participation rights, the integration of migrants and people with disabilities, fair pay as well as a work-life balance and how it will achieve these.

Our policy is to promote equal opportunities for men and women, and our board expressly demands equal opportunity recruitment into managerial positions. 

The proportion of female middle managers that Fenix Outdoor currently employs is 44.4% (2020: 41.6%), while the proportion of women in top management positions is 30 percent (2020: 24%). Our board is 17 percent female. The staff turnover rate in 2021 over all operations including the retail business is difficult to assess for the year, due to shop closures, short-time work or furloughs during the long lockdown periods and other factors. However, based on the data received, the turnover rate was about 44 percent (2020: 38%) reflecting the purchase of a new entity, the integration of a competitor in Denmark as well as the sell-off of Brunton. In Europe, we can establish a turnover rate of about 1.7%. The ratio between females and males leaving Fenix Outdoor dropped to 1.4: 1 F/M (2020: ratio F/M 1.7:1), meaning that roughly 58% of staff members leaving were females. All eligible staff members are entitled to parental leave (i.e., parents with children under a certain age). The definition differs from country to country, so an overall percentage value cannot be established. For our biggest operations, we have established that out of 126 eligible and affected employees (2020: 65), 77 returned after 12 months (2020: 32) while an additional nine stayed away beyond a 12-month period, but this data is not very reliable as there were parents who became parents another time and hence left again or stayed away longer than 12 months. Therefore, we are unable to assess how many of those who did not return after 12 months prolonged their leave to have another child. 

Fenix Outdoor strives to take a non-discriminatory approach by paying equal wages to men and women, and by exceeding the minimum wage levels where possible. We hire local managers for the operations. 

There are no defined goals of how to reach equal opportunities yet. In Sweden, we are monitored by the partners of the "kollektifavtal" and a 50:50 quota is legally required.

More information CSR Report 2021 p. 34-35