15. Equal Opportunities

The company discloses in what way it has implemented national and international processes and what goals it has for the promotion of equal opportunities and diversity, occupational health and safety, participation rights, the integration of migrants and people with disabilities, fair pay as well as a work-life balance and how it will achieve these.

For us, equal opportunities are the prohibition of discrimination based on gender, age, religion, cultural affiliation, disability or social background. This is also established in our code of conduct, which is known by all employees.

Anhalt supports the integration of migrants and people with disabilities. We offer different working time models to facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life. We are currently training two Syrian employees as mechatronic engineers for commercial vehicles. 

Our driver’s manual is installed on the tablet of our drivers and is available in German, Polish and English such that it can be understood by all our employees coming from the following countries:
At Anhalt, equal opportunities are lived, such that there are currently no concrete goals in this regard. Our employees are of different genders, age groups, religions, and cultural affiliations. We employ employees with disabilities and from different social backgrounds.