15. Equal Opportunities

The higher education institution explains what targets it has set to promote equal opportunities in relation to health, gender equality, diversity, the integration of people from immigrant families, the inclusion of people with disabilities, work-life balance for employees and students, and commensurate pay for members of the institution (especially when outsourcing is used).

The central task is to prevent disadvantage or discrimination of any kind. In particular, the increase in the proportion of women in all courses of study affected by underrepresentation (especially those related to STEM subjects), occupational groups and qualification levels, as well as the improvement of the compatibility of career or studies and family, have a high priority at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld at Trier University of Applied Sciences. To ensure these principles, an efficient organizational structure has been developed that enables the promotion of equality at all levels. In this regard, the central Equal Opportunity Officer participates in all social, organizational, and personnel measures that affect female employees at the university and is also the contact person for cases of sexual harassment and bullying. In fulfilling her duties, the central Equal Opportunity Officer is supported by the Committee for Equal Opportunity Issues. In addition, the two at the Umwelt-Campus Environmental Economics/Environmental Law and Environmental Planning/Environmental Engineering each have an Equal Opportunity Officer. All matters concerning equal opportunities are organized and managed by the Equal Opportunities Office of Trier University, which is located at the Environmental Campus.

Offers, among others:

Information materials around the topics of equality, family or care
Detailed information about the projects already mentioned as well as about the complete spectrum of the university's gender equality work can be found in the current german sustainability report in the section "Social responsibility" section. In the target agreement of the "audit family-friendly university", concrete targets were agreed in 2017, which were updated at the end of 2019 as part of the confirmation of the certificate. At the end of 2019, further goals were also set. Further information can be found on the homepage of the Equal Opportunities Office.