14. Employment Rights

The company reports on how it complies with nationally and internationally recognised standards relating to employee rights as well as on how it fosters staff involvement in the company and in sustainability management, what goals it has set itself in this regard, what results it has achieved thus far and where it sees risks.

All business activities of Deutsche Wohnen are fundamentally subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany, which clearly lay down employees’ rights. At Deutsche Wohnen, staff interests are represented by a focus group which was set up back in 2007. FACILITA has a works council for this purpose. The focus group consists of 20 employees from different sections of the company and various sites; they meet regularly to discuss current issues. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Deutsche Wohnen usually attends these meetings as well. All members of staff can contact the members of the focus group personally and also have the option of drawing attention to important matters anonymously. We inform our workers about the topics dealt with by the focus group and the outcome of their discussions both on the Intranet and via the staff newsletter.  FACILITA has a works council for this purpose.

For instance, employees and executives are incorporated into strategic sustainability management through the 2018 sustainability stakeholder survey. Moreover, they are kept up to date on current projects and developments via staff information and the employee magazine ‘bruno’. They can additionally contribute thoughts and feedback related to the topic of sustainability through an email contact address.

Deutsche Wohnen only operates in Germany, as do its direct suppliers.