14. Employment Rights

The company reports on how it complies with nationally and internationally recognised standards relating to employee rights as well as on how it fosters staff involvement in the company and in sustainability management, what goals it has set itself in this regard, what results it has achieved thus far and where it sees risks.

BRAIN operates in accordance with all legal requirements when it comes to employee rights. In addition, we have introduced several measures to foster employee engagement and sustainability aspects.

Our employees are absolutely crucial for our success. BRAIN Biotech is a science based business and our employees build the decisive factor to compete globally. It is important that we continuously hire and retain the best people for the job, inspire them to stay with us long term, and support their lifelong development. BRAIN desires to create an attractive, fair, and trusting work environment for all its employees. We employ local people strategies at all of our group subsidiaries and within our headquarter to acknowledge the different requirements of the individual business operations. Responsibility for defining and implementing group wide people initiatives lies with our Head of Human Resources (HR) at the headquarter in Zwingenberg, Germany, who directly reports to the CEO. Our Global People Strategy is built around the following pillars:
(1) engage employees,
(2) make the right resources available to support our business goals,
(3) continuously advance the BRAIN organization and
(4) foster excellent people practices.
In line with these priorities, we have launched the BRAINway program to foster intra-company exchange, enhance our corporate identity and internalize common goals.

We have formed a group-wide ESG/Sustainability Task Force consisting of employees across different functions and representing all group company members. There has been a strong commitment by our employees to participate and it has been great to see that many volunteered to be part on our journey to publish our inaugural sustainability report. There is a strong inherent believe within the organization that BRAIN really can make a positive impact. Within internal workshops the ESG/Sustainability Task Force has developed common themes which are material to our key stakeholders throughout the group.
BRAIN is about to establish an employee best idea contest on cost, energy savings and process optimization. We strongly believe that the best contributions for resource conservation will be generated by our own people. With this contest we want to further increase ESG engagement within our employees and accelerate the way to our targets. One concept which we already have realized is a “Job Bike” offering for many of our employees.

In its different entities the BRAIN group is either focusing on breakthrough innovations, contract research or the production of innovative customer solutions. In all areas it is of high importance for us to protect our employees and the environment from any potential hazards which might relate to our business activities.

The BRAIN group is internationally active in Continental Europe, UK, US and complies with all local labor regulations. We have identified no material risks from our business activities on employment rights.

We have defined the following social targets which incorporate employment related targets.