14. Employment Rights

The company reports on how it complies with nationally and internationally recognised standards relating to employee rights as well as on how it fosters staff involvement in the company and in sustainability management, what goals it has set itself in this regard, what results it has achieved thus far and where it sees risks.

The HOPSTEINER Group is active all over the world. EU law or the respective national law applies to the EU subsidiaries such as Simon H. Steiner, Hopfen, GmbH. In the case of subsidiaries outside the EU, we demand compliance with EU minimum standards. We have no influence on the labor law standards of our parent and sister companies.  

The consideration of employee interests in accordance with EU standards as well as the constructive and objective participation of employees is firmly implemented in our company. We continue to stand by the legally established standards of the applicable working conditions as well as working hours regulations, protection against unlawful dismissal, and health and safety at work regulations.  

Our employees can expect us to treat them respectfully as a matter of course. Therefore we place great value on employee participation. By involving all employees in the planning and development of our activities, we show that we value their specialist knowledge and benefit from it every day in all our operations. All department heads are involved in senior management decisions by way of regular meetings. This also applies for sustainability management within the company. A sustainability team consisting of employees from all departments was set up and provides the reports. Topics and objectives for sustainability management were defined in joint workshops. A Code of Conduct was drawn up in 2013 and is binding on all employees. This code serves as the basis for sustainable activities in all areas of the company.  

In the reporting period, no management concept for employee concerns was established because no need for action was identified in this area. We mitigate possible risks through accident prevention regulations and regular workplace risk assessments.