14. Participation of the Institution’s Members

The higher education institution explains how it encourages its members to participate in making the institution more sustainable.

At the Environmental Campus, the active participation of university members is seen as a key driver for sustainable development and shaping of the university. For this reason, the co-determination and participation of university members are promoted in a variety of ways and supported. In addition to serving on various committees, university members are involved in a wide range of events and initiatives at the university. The spectrum here ranges from activities and actions of the committees of the environmental campus to cooperation in events such as the annual children's university or the public lecture series.

Student participation

Direct participation in sustainability processes can be realized through a variety of on-site student project opportunities. In addition to the technical training aspects, a large number of students are involved in various organizational areas of the University. The student parliament as the highest legislative co-determination body (Stupa), the general student committee (AStA), the departmental councils of the faculties of environmental economics/environmental law and environmental planning/environmental engineering as well as the individual student representatives can be mentioned as representatives. Student representation in the Trier University Senate also enables active participation in shaping the university as a whole. Students can also get involved in numerous sustainability activities around campus. An important instance in this regard is the "Green Office," which in 2017 was founded and acts as a liaison and networking point with regard to sustainability activities at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld.

Participation of the university staff

To ensure the inclusion and participation of university employees in the internal decisions and processes of the department, the local staff council of the Umwelt-Campus exists Birkenfeld. It represents the interests of all employees as well as the interests of university officials. (with the exception of the professors). In addition, the campus has diverse sports and recreational events offered, with employee participation possible in all courses and activities offered.

Detailed information on the participation opportunities for university employees and on the activities of the "Green Office" is provided in the current Sustainability Report in the section "Sustainability dialog with stakeholders".