20. Conduct that Complies with the Law and Policy

The company discloses which measures, standards, systems and processes are in place to prevent unlawful conduct and, in particular, corruption, how they are verified, which results have been achieved to date and where it sees there to be risks. The company depicts how corruption and other contraventions in the company are prevented and exposed and what sanctions are imposed.

Anhalt Logistics has never been confronted with corruption. Our code of conduct raises our employees’ awareness of this topic. We work in accordance with the law and have a legal register.

In the following, the code of conduct is presented in written-from. The brochure is available here:
Code of Conduct pdf September 2019.pdf (1.53 MB)

                                                                     CODE OF CONDUCT

For our company, responsible and lawful behavior goes without saying. This Code of Conduct illustrates the conduct requirements within Anhalt Logistics and in the relationship to our business partners and the public. It presents the principles of our entrepreneurial behavior and reflects our company values.
Complying with national and international laws and regulations as well as internal regulations is considered an elementary principle in acting economically responsibly.   Anhalt Logistics complies with the law.
Fair Competition
The antitrust law intends to secure and maintain a free and undistorted competition in the interest of all market players. Antitrust laws and prohibitions particularly comprise
  • the prohibition of price collusions between competitors
  • the prohibition of abusing a dominant position.
  The exchange of confidential information between competitors about prices, imminent price changes and/or customer and supplier relationships is prohibited.
Prohibition of Corruption and Influence Peddling
Corruption and influence peddling – in whatever form – is not tolerated. Personal gains may not be demanded, accepted, offered or granted in connection with company activities. If an employee is confronted with a corresponding offer or desire, this is to be immediately reported to his/her supervisor. Gifts may not be accepted or distributed. Common promotional gifts form an exception. The same applies to invitations. In case of doubt, please clarify with the supervisor.

Data Privacy and Information Security
The protection of personal data in general, but especially the protection of our employees’, partners’, customers’ and suppliers’ data is of high value to us. We only collect and process personal data if this is necessary to fulfill our services. We pay attention to data security. We process personal data only after having obtained the consent of the data subject, which always complies with the written rules and principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation.
Safety and Environmental Responsibility Sustainable environmental and climate protection are among our main goals. We pay attention that the impact our services have on the environment and climate are kept at a minimum. All employees are encouraged to act in an environmentally aware manner. Safety regulations are consistently adhered to. Human and Workers‘ Rights
We respect the internationally recognized human rights, dignity, and personal rights, and support their observance. We strictly reject any form of forced and child labor. We are committed to fair working conditions, comprising compensation, working hours and privacy protection, etc.
Equal Treatment and Prohibition of Discrimination
Our company’s culture is characterized by equal opportunities, mutual trust, and mutual respect. We promote equal opportunities, tolerance and a dignified, polite and honest dealing with one another. We prohibit discrimination of any kind – especially in the recruitment and promotion of employees or in granting training and further education. We treat all employees equally, regardless of race, color, nationality, descent, gender, beliefs, ideology, political attitude, age, physical constitution, sexual orientation, appearance or other personal qualities. We respect the personal dignity of every individual. Harassment and any form of unwanted physical contact is prohibited.
Avoiding Conflicts of Interest
Every employee must inform the human resource management department when starting a paid activity for another company or planning an active business activity. In particular, this applies when undertaking a function with which Anhalt Logistics either holds a business relationship or is in competition with. Conflicts of interest between one’s duties and one’s interests are to be avoided.
Occupational Safety and Health Protection
We see to a healthy and safe working environment. Our employees comply with the regulations on occupational safety and health protection. Also, when awarding transport requests to subcontractors, our and the safety requirements of our customers are complied with.
Anhalt Logistics supports local, non-profit associations.  
Political parties, party-affiliated or party-like organizations as well as elected representatives or candidates for political offices at home or abroad are not supported by financial donations.  
Protection of Business Secrets
We take the necessary steps to protect sensitive information and business documents against unauthorized access by third parties. Employees holding information that is not generally known or easily accessible, must not pass on this information or make it publicly available.
Protection of Corporate Property
The company’s property and resources are handles with care. We protect corporate property from loss, theft, and misuse.

Because there were no violations against corruption regulations, no objective target has been set in this regard, such that so far no management concept with the components a.) - d.) is pursued. No specific risks have been identified in the course of meetings and during the company's operation that come from our business activity, business partnerships or services and have a negative effect on the fight against corruption and bribery.

In 2019, an internal audit deploying the checklist according to DIN ISO 26000 examines where we have to react to any issues in this regard. We will integrate appropriate processes. 
Audit checklist DIN ISO 26000 September 2019.pdf (446.91 KB)

The goal remains to have no corruption cases within the company. With the above checklist, all possible illegal actions are examined (i.e. violations against corruption regulations). Since 50 years, the company has not been subject to corruption.

Anhalt's management is responsible for the topic of compliance; a CSR officer is assigned and included in the company's organigram.

New employees receive training on the code of conduct and are sensitized for its content.