20. Conduct that Complies with the Law and Policy

The higher education institution explains which standards, processes and measures are in place to prevent unlawful conduct and corruption.

In particular, it describes how violations of the rules which apply to academic work are prevented, detected and sanctioned.

As a state university, the Environmental Campus ensures compliance with all required federal and state laws, e.g., in the areas of data privacy, building, and fire protection or occupational safety. In addition, the university has made a voluntary commitment to open and respectful cooperation. In order to take into account the scientific responsibility of the university, the Senate of Trier University of Applied Science adopted binding guidelines on July 13, 2016, to ensure good scientific practice and to deal with allegations of scientific misconduct. Indications of scientific misconduct can be brought to the attention of the responsible persons of trust (ombudspersons). An independent commission ensures that suspected cases are investigated in accordance with recognized standards.
No violations were identified during the reporting period.