13. Climate-Relevant Emissions

The company discloses the GHG emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol or standards based on it and states the goals it has set itself to reduce emissions, as well as its results thus far.

Carbon dioxide is emitted at our sites only when natural gas is burned in our own boiler building to generate heating and process energy. Since 2014 we have compensated for our CO2 emissions from natural gas. An energy management system has been installed in each site, energy consumption has been evaluated in detail, and action plans for energy management have been worked out and integrated in our Environmental Program. Precise information on the emissions and developments of recent years at our Mainz site is in the current Environmental Statement 2020 (pages 27-28 and 37).  

The environmental and energy goals, measures and progress to the goals for the Mainz site were covered in Criterion 12. More information about the Mainz site can be found in the Environmental Statement 2020 (pp. 41-46).

Electricity and natural gas are the major energy sources in use at our Hallein site. We obtain electricity from the local provider Salzburg AG, whose supply mix has come from only regenerative sources since 2014. About 30 percent of power consumption is attributed to manufacturing, bottle filling and packaging systems in Production. Other main consumers are compressed air supplies and lighting. Since 2015 additional electricity use has resulted from extensive reconstruction and the relocation of production facilities. At the Hallein site, there are no emissions related to the use of heating fuels. Thermal energy is generated for production processes in which new and primary materials are heated. Steam generators use natural gas to heat water and product steam, which is connected to the processes through a pipeline. In light of the use of eco-electricity and certified climate-neutral natural gas, no emissions were recorded for the Hallein site in 2019.  

We use invoices, measurements and other data as the basis for our emissions calculations. All invoices from energy providers and our own measurements also go into our emissions observations. At this time we do not report our CO2 emissions in relation to specific reference values.