13. Climate-Relevant Emissions

The company discloses the GHG emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol or standards based on it and states the goals it has set itself to reduce emissions, as well as its results thus far.

The Dussmann Group has emissions with its service companies at different links of the value chain. The systematic recording of these emissions is not currently taking place, but is to be developed continuously throughout the next years. Part of the implementation strategy (see Criteria 3) is also to formulate targets for the reduction of emissions and the expansion of renewable energies. For the Dussmann Group companies in Germany, diesel and electricity consumption are responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions. Accordingly, we are deriving measures for the reduction of these items.

As part of our catering activities, we are able to calculate the carbon footprint of individual dishes with the help of a software (Eaternity Database) and transparently inform consumers. Depending on the disposition of our customers, we plan to implement this procedure in several pilot projects. We attempt to work towards broader application through customer consultation.
Since 2019, we are part of the project "CarMa" (Carbon Management Facility Services), which aims to develop a transparent methodology for assessing CO2 emissions in integrated facility management.