13. Climate-Relevant Emissions

The company discloses the GHG emissions in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol or standards based on it and states the goals it has set itself to reduce emissions, as well as its results thus far.

During its business activity, OLB generates climate-relevant emissions, mainly in form of heating energy and those caused by business trips. The Bank discloses its greenhouse emissions in line with the Greenhouse Gas Protocols. OLB continuously records and analyses environmental data under its ecological responsibility and reconciles such data with the above mentioned objectives for the protection of the environment. The objective of a general reduction of emissions is discussed under criterion 12 "Resource Management" and the associated performance indicators (GRI SRS-305-1). No concrete objectives or a verification of the achievement of these objectives has been and is possible for the time being in OLB due to its migration with other banks. In order to reduce CO2 emissions, the Bank procures electricity which is generated by up to 100 % from renewable energy (water power). Heating boiler systems were renewed and exchanged with low-temperature boilers. The fact that the Bank mostly refrained from making any business trips during the persistent Corona pandemic also contributed to the saving of greenhouse emissions.