12. Resource Management

The company discloses what qualitative and quantitative goals it has set itself with regard to its resource efficiency, in particular its use of renewables, the increase in raw material productivity and the reduction in the usage of ecosystem services, which measures and strategies it is pursuing to this end, how these are or will be achieved, and where it sees there to be risks.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our business operations on the climate. Back in 2015, we specified in our Corporate Responsibility (CR) Policy that we aim to act in a climate friendly manner. We have set an ambitious climate target for ourselves in our Climate Protection Policy, adopted in 2018, in which we establish the framework for taking extensive action. Through these efforts, we are doing our part to help achieve the targets specified in the Paris Climate Agreement and realise Sustainable Development Goal 13 “Climate action” outlined in Agenda 2030 of the United Nations (UN).  

Further ecological goals (excerpt from the CR programme on the resource conservation; see also criterion 3): We communicate our progress in the context of the sustainability report (see CR-Programme and key topics). The CR program shows the status of the goals at a glance.  

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