11. Usage of Natural Resources

The company discloses the extent to which natural resources are used for the company’s business activities. Possible options here are materials, the input and output of water, soil, waste, energy, land and biodiversity as well as emissions for the life cycles of products and services.

On our sustainable way, we comply with the statutory environmental rules.

We use the following natural resources in our business activities:

Also, we generate emissions and waste.

Detailed information on energy consumption, water consumption, CO2 equivalent, and waste is provided in section "Key Performance Indicators (11-12)" and "Key Performance Indicators (13)".

We promote the sustainable thinking and behaviors of our employees and encourage them to behave in an environmentally friendly way. We have recently purchased six vans (nine seaters), which can be used by our commercial drivers to drive home. By combining routes, the number of cars driving the same route can be reduced.

Reducing paper consumption by means of the digitalization is another goal of ours.