11. Usage of Natural Resources

The company discloses the extent to which natural resources are used for the company’s business activities. Possible options here are materials, the input and output of water, soil, waste, energy, land and biodiversity as well as emissions for the life cycles of products and services.

The business operations of the ALDI North Group contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases and require natural resources. The sources of these impacts range from lighting, heating and water supply to our buildings, through transport and cooling of our goods, to the disposal of their packaging. Our holistic interpretation of sustainability entails that we take responsibility not only for the manufacture of our products but in all areas where our actions exert an impact.  

Own brands
The ALDI North Group operates in the retail industry. Goods are manufactured and packaged almost exclusively by suppliers. We are working with them to make resource procurement more sustainable.  

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Food losses and other waste
The bags we give to our customers also lead to high levels of material consumption. In late 2017, we began the process of phasing out conventional disposable shopping bags in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The complete changeover will be completed there by the end of 2018.  

Waste avoidance is a key pillar of sustainable development. As a retailer, reducing waste and dedicating ourselves to fighting food losses play a central role.  

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To ensure that our customers always have fresh products and full shelves, we transport goods from our distribution centres to our stores every day. We undertake most of these transport journeys ourselves. In 2017, the ALDI North Group transported goods with a total volume of almost 31 million euro-pallet spaces between our 73 distribution centres and more than 4,700 stores. These transport journeys result in greenhouse gas emissions. Through a variety of measures, we are working to make our logistics as climate friendly as possible.  

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