10. Innovation and Product Management

The company discloses how innovations in products and services are enhanced through suitable processes which improve sustainability with respect to the company’s utilisation of resources and with regard to users. Likewise, a further statement is made with regard to if and how the current and future impact of the key products and services in the value chain and in the product life cycle are assessed.

We influence ecological aspects by making nature more accessible and by that helping people to walk with nature. If people are out in nature, they tend to better understand the vulnerability and value of ecosystems and this - long-term - will raise their wish to protect nature. The downside is that we use raw materials (renewable/non-renewable) to make our products and that we ship them globally. However, we also provide jobs and revenues for our workers and their families.

To improve our supplier management, all brands worked much closer together and under the roof of the central CSR Department offered training bringing their own bags or buying a reusable shopping bag. In 2021, after the successful reduction of single-use plastic bags, we phased those products out completely in Globetrotter, Naturkompaniet, Partioaitta and Trekitt. We notice that more and more customers are now bringing their own bags or buying a reusable shopping bag.

A Greener Choice - Product Evaluation, our standard to assess the sustainability of products in our Frilufts Retail assortment, matured further. For the fourth year in a row we sold more A Greener Choice products, and the share of total net sales also increased. 

Frilufts Retail sent a strong signal during Black Friday and offered repair and care services as a Green Friday option. We strongly believe in the brick-and-mortar business as we are convinced that our customers and users want a decent consultation on the quality and functionality and not least the sustainability of our products. One of our strategic targets is to progress toward circular business models and services. In 2021, we were able to make progress in care and repair, secondhand and product rental. All four Frilufts Retailers offer a rental service and it was possible to widen the total rental assortment. Globetrotter also offers the rental service online. Another success story is the Care and Repair service. With the integration of the “Werkstatt” concept in the German stores and the promotion of our care and repair services, this service further matured in 2021. The offer of second hand products also increased, Globetrotter sells the products in the stores, but also online. Aiming at more sustainability in the stores, Globetrotter has been working with EPEA, the Cradle to Cradle standard holder, since 2021. In a joint workshop, we reviewed our interior design guideline with regard to C2C criteria and evaluated a number of materials used in the current shop concept. This led to an update of the guideline, which now includes the C2C principles, a list of restricted substances and more explicit material requirements. The work continues in 2022. These gained knowledges can be transferred to other stores as well.

Processes such as the stakeholder roundtable and internal workshops help us to receive feedback and input for further inspirations for innovation. 

Product innovations are featured in our CSR Report on page 32ff.