10. Innovation and Product Management

The company discloses how innovations in products and services are enhanced through suitable processes which improve sustainability with respect to the company’s utilisation of resources and with regard to users. Likewise, a further statement is made with regard to if and how the current and future impact of the key products and services in the value chain and in the product life cycle are assessed.

The services of our institute include research services and product development on behalf of customers. Due to the individual nature of customers’ requirements, the processes have to be adjusted according to the needs of the customer. An integral part of our research services - especially with public contracts - are sustainability assessments, which, among others, go along with the LCAs, e.g. as a part of accompanying research.

Within the scope of our R&D-activities we use the following instruments: LCAs (e.g. Carbon Footprints), feasibility studies, sustainability management, strategy development, material flow analyses, recycling strategies, geographic information systems, flow simulations, IPR analyses, IPR strategies, market and trend surveys, SWOT analyses, portfolio and scenario planning, workshops, roadmaps, communication concepts and strategic action concepts.