10. Innovation and Product Management

The company discloses how innovations in products and services are enhanced through suitable processes which improve sustainability with respect to the company’s utilisation of resources and with regard to users. Likewise, a further statement is made with regard to if and how the current and future impact of the key products and services in the value chain and in the product life cycle are assessed.

Our product innovations are targeted to improve life on the aspects of nutrition, health and environment.

Enzymes are nature’s catalysts, serving a sustainable future

Enzymes will play a key role on the way to more sustainable industrial processes. At BRAIN we see it as our task to take the evolution of enzymes in nature as a starting point and adapt them for industrial purposes. Enzymes are proteins produced by all living organisms for their metabolic processes, for example for respiration or for the breakdown of fatty acids. The greatest advantage of these enzymatically acting proteins is that they represent organic material derived from renewable sources and are therefore biodegradable. In addition, due to these properties a lot of energy and water is saved in all enzyme-based processes, as proteins do not have to be elaborately purified from reaction vessels or containers. Identifying and developing novel enzymes is one of the BRAIN Group´s contribution to our sustainability efforts. Our vision is to use our innovative strengths to develop tailored enzyme solutions that enable our industrial customers to make their processes and products more sustainable. 

Positive Impact Products & Services
How can we as the BRAIN Group contribute to a more sustainable living? Where can we make a real positive impact on society? Already today we contribute with our technologies, solutions and products making industrial processes and products more sustainable. We learn from nature and apply biology to industrial processes. This applies to application fields in nutrition, health and the environment. BRAIN Group’s business is based on enzymes, microorganisms and bioactive natural compounds. Each of these can help drive the move toward more bio-based products and processes, but enzymes are by far the most important product within our toolset for a biobased future.

SDG 2,  Zero Hunger: alternative protein sources, natural compounds for food preservation, enzymes for more efficient and more natural industrial food processing.

SDG 3, Good Health & Well-Being: natural sugar replacement, salt replacement and salt taste enhancers, natural aromas, bioactive plant cosmetic, chronical wound treatment and PHA121 an active pharmaceutical compound to treat HAE

SDG 6, Clean Water & Sanitation are green mining solutions to replace chemical hazards.

SDG 12, Responsible Consumption & Production: green and urban microbial mining (bio-based recycling); enzymes for efficient food processing and enzymes for reuse of side-/waste streams.

SDG 9, Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure: enzymes as natural catalysts, biotechnological production, improving production efficiencies for resource conservation, fermented food from side-streams, microbial CO2 usage for chemical building blocks.

For a deeper dive into our Impact Products please review the Impact Chapter of our Sustainability Report at: https://www.brain-biotech.com/investors/esg.