Key Performance Indicators to criteria 9

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-44: Key topics and concerns
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, including:
i. how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting;
ii. the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns.

During the various sessions of the Stakeholder roundtable we addressed the Fenix Outdoor strategic sustainability agenda. Topics we discussed were:
Based on the feedback and input as well as inspirations for innovation, we drew some preliminary conclusions, and we are currently working on how to use them in our future work.

As one immediate effect, we revised our Materiality Matrix of Fenix Outdoor International AG. The matrix received some adaptation in 2021 and reflects the impact of Covid-19 as well as internal climate discussions. To give an example, we incorporated biodiversity in our materiality matrix, since we acknowledge that the unprecedented rate of biodiversity decline is another challenge nowadays. This was done not in an active process, but rather is the result of random but representative voices from our different stakeholder constituencies.

Also in 2021, our sustainability efforts received international attention and recognition. Fjällräven and Naturkompaniet were voted the most sustainable brands in Sweden. Partioaitta was voted industry leader and ranked among the top sustainable brands in Finland.