Key Performance Indicators to criteria 9

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-44: Key topics and concerns
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, including:
i. how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting;
ii. the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns.

Stakeholder engagement

A dynamic and reciprocal exchange between the relevant interest groups is of great importance for HOCHTIEF. The knowledge and consideration of the stakeholder perspective contributes significantly to the success of the company and its projects, as already explained in criteria 9.

Strategic stakeholder management:

The selection of key sustainability focus areas is subject to annual internal and external review with regard to business relevance, impacts, and stakeholder interests (see matrix). Materiality analysis in the reporting year revealed a uniform picture across the various survey groups2): Occupational safety and health, green building, resource conservation, and respect of human rights are shown to be highly relevant in terms both of their importance to HOCHTIEF and of their impacts. Unprompted mention was notably made of aspects relating to ecology and working conditions. Internal evaluation by the functions and by HOCHTIEF management confirm this relevance assessment. At the same time, we still see significant responsibility for our company with regard to corporate citizenship. Overall, HOCHTIEF continues to be well placed with regard to the six CR focus areas and is now moving on to specifically process the analysis findings within its CR program.

Operational stakeholder management - example:

At present, a great deal of importance is attached to coordination among all parties involved in the expansion of the A7 motorway north of Hamburg. It is very important for HOCHTIEF that residents and commuters, clients, politicians, subcontractors, later users and other interested parties are always informed at an early stage. The use of social media significantly increases the chances of reaching as many people as possible. "Via Solutions Nord", led by HOCHTIEF, works closely with the Ministry of Transport. The team is in direct contact with journalists, residents and commuters and answer all questions.