Key Performance Indicators to criteria 9

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-44: Key topics and concerns
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, including:
i. how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting;
ii. the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns.

Key Topics Measures
Internal Stakeholders
Management & Employees (including those represented by the Works Council)
Our internal stakeholders expect that we increase the value of the company and thereby create and maintain attractive jobs. High priority is given to  complying with laws, agreements and directives and adhering to norms and standards.  Another important issue is the further development of the organization and the employees with regard to their innovative capabilities and co-determination. The implementation of our integrally sustainable approach also is of great importance to our internal stakeholders.   We respond to the concerns of our internal stakeholders in many different ways, such as the introduction of the "Learning Organization" program, which covers strategic personal development and career planning, and the strategic development of our corporate culture.  We have provided extensive information about these and other employee-related subjects under Criteria 14, 15 and 16.  Compliance with laws and agreements is ensured by various means, including training and workshops. A detailed description of the Compliance area is in Criterion 20.  We continue our diligent pursuit of our integrally sustainable approach.  Our efforts in Product Development are described under Criterion 10.  With the help of the means described above and many other measures – like the use of new technologies or the development and launch of innovative new products – we make sure that Werner & Mertz will remain a competitive and successful company in the future.  
External Stakeholders
Suppliers, Service Providers & Partners
Our suppliers, service providers and partners put a high priority on planning reliability. Consequently, they also value adherence to agreements and payment conditions.   We ensure planning reliability for our partners by  means of contract reviews, keeping all contractual agreements and meeting all other obligations. We also work closely with special departments and suppliers and actively participate in working groups and networks.
Passing on their own innovations to product maturity also is very  important to these stakeholders.    
Customers & End-Consumers
The quality, safety and sustainability of our products are the main concerns of our customers. An attractive price also plays a role in their buying decisions. Customers also value transparency, for example, with regard to product information such as ingredients and labeling and a credible corporate philosophy. We respond to the needs of our customers in many ways, including our work in product development. Our measures include continuous development and innovations, such as the use of surfactants made from domestically cultivated plants or the use of recyclate in our packaging.  We take into account our customers' wishes in order to offer them credible sustainable alternatives over the long term. To assure quality and safety, we let independent external auditors certify our products and we too continuously test our products.  In addition, we use child-safety closures, label the ingredients of our products and offer consumer advice. More information about our products can be found under Criteria 4 and 10.  
General Public, Neighbors & Communities
The stakeholders – the general public, neighbors and communities – expect from us that we actively contribute to environmental and climate protection  through our sustainable product offerings. Beyond that, they require transparency  (in  our business processes and supply chain),  lawful conduct and regional, social and political engagement.   We respond to our stakeholders' requirements with our extensive activities in social and political circles, which we describe in more detail under Criteria 18 and 19.  In Criteria 11, 12 and 13 you will find our initiatives in sustainable production and business processes. We go into detail about our engagement for sustainable products and supply chains in Criterion 4. You'll find out how we guarantee lawful conduct in Criterion 20.
Legislatures & Public Authorities
Both legislatures and authorities expect from us legally compliant behavior, which is demonstrated in the submission and implementation of permits and in the proper and safe operation of buildings and plants.   We have devised clear internal structures and processes that ensure lawful conduct. Special mention should be made here of our legal registry which contains, among other things, our Compliance Management System and regular monitoring through internal and external audits.
Banks, Leasing Companies & Insurers
Banks, leasing companies and insurers expect from us creditworthiness and solvency, on-time interest payments, In taking into account the requirements from banks, leasing companies and insurers, we use extensive and legally compliant financial and bookkeeping processes plus personal contact with and confirmation from external auditors.
timely and transparent reporting and compliance with covenants in loan agreements.
Supervisory Board, Official Experts & Auditors
Our Supervisory Board, official experts and auditors expect from us compliance and lawful corporate management  with regard to shareholders, the compliance and adherence to the rules of procedure, regular reporting, lawful reporting, extensive risk management and legally compliant preparation of consolidated financial statements. We maintain close contact with our stakeholders with Supervisory Board sessions and internal revision, random sampling, subject matter and business area-related hearings and other meetings. We also pay strict attention to accurate financial and bookkeeping processes and sound risk management processes. More information about compliance at Werner & Mertz is under Criterion 20.
Associations, NGOs & Cooperation Partners
Important topics for associations, NGOs and cooperation partners include maintaining and expanding existing networks  and providing feedback on our sustainability activities.   We respond to the expectations of associations, NGOs and cooperation partners with a variety of activities in social and political areas, which we describe in detail under Criteria 18 and 19.