Key Performance Indicators to criteria 9

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-44: Key topics and concerns
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. Key topics and concerns that have been raised through stakeholder engagement, including:
i. how the organization has responded to those key topics and concerns, including through its reporting;
ii. the stakeholder groups that raised each of the key topics and concerns.

Stakeholder participation The internal stakeholders are involved through regular committees (e.g. student council, AStA, department council, senate). A Sustainability Council was established at the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld specifically for the implementation of the sustainability strategy, which relates equally to teaching, research, and the operation of the university. It is an association of relevant actors who deal with the topic of sustainability. Its tasks include, among other things, the analysis of essential activities of the university with regard to sustainable development, involving all relevant stakeholders (stakeholder management). Important topics in the past reporting period were the establishment of a Green Office and the promotion of biodiversity in the university's outdoor facilities. The desire for sustainable mobility offers was taken into account by the introduction of a job ticket and the promotion of electric mobility.

The external stakeholders will be involved in the further development of 
the study programs and quality management through an advisory board. Feedback from alumni is obtained through appropriate surveys and alumni meetings and also serves to further develop the range of studies offered. The representatives of the region, schools, and Corporate partners are involved through regular meetings and joint projects so that the concerns of these stakeholders can also be implemented. A cooperation agreement has been concluded with the Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park in order to institutionalize cooperation. Important topics here, in addition to environmental monitoring, are also sustainable regional development and education for sustainable development.

Further information on dealing with the issues and concerns of stakeholders can be found in the chapter "Sustainability dialog with stakeholders" in the current german 
Sustainability Report.