9. Stakeholder Engagement

The company discloses how the socially and economically relevant stakeholders are identified and integrated into the sustainability process. It states whether and how an ongoing dialogue takes place with them and how the results are integrated into the sustainability process.

Rentenbank is in continuous dialogue with all stakeholders relevant to our business. A communications work group identifies stakeholders through an analysis of our stakeholders containing the following questions:
The communications work group has generated the following outcomes, which were approved by the Management Board:
Key communication channels with stakeholders can consist of discussions with banks, client events, meetings of the Management Board and General Meeting, specialist events and exhibitions as well as PR activities (press releases, website, annual reports, presentations, and surveys). Outcomes from dialogues with stakeholders are discussed by our experts in work groups and any actions points are submitted to the steering committee.

In 2020, Rentenbank got in touch with its stakeholders regarding sustainability via the following communication channels:
As part of Rentenbank’s ESG projects, we monitor how our stakeholders’ needs and ideas can be better captured and how the participation process can be expanded. The continuous communication with its stakeholders boosts the development of our sustainability strategy. Rentenbank gains from the knowledge and experience of its stakeholders and faces up to critical issues.