8. Incentive Systems

The company discloses how target agreements and remuneration schemes for executives and employees are also geared towards the achievement of sustainability goals and how they are aligned with long-term value creation. It discloses the extent to which the achievement of these goals forms part of the evaluation of the top managerial level (board/managing directors) conducted by the monitoring body (supervisory board/advisory board).

The achievement of sustainability goals by managers or employees, except our global corporate account managers (GCAM), is not yet systematically evaluated, rewarded or promoted by incentive or remuneration systems. 
In line with our strategy, the commission agreements with our GCAM already include an incentive bonus for the successful implementation of sustainable concepts at customers.

Anyway, since sustainability is a core part of the overall corporate strategy of INPACS, it constitutes a guiding principle to every member and employee. During the INPACS Annual Conference 2019 in Naples (Italy), the commitment and performance of the INPACS members according to the strategic pillar of sustainability has been officially awarded for the first time, in order to enable healthy competition and best practice sharing within the Network.