8. Incentive Systems

The company discloses how target agreements and remuneration schemes for executives and employees are also geared towards the achievement of sustainability goals and how they are aligned with long-term value creation. It discloses the extent to which the achievement of these goals forms part of the evaluation of the top managerial level (board/managing directors) conducted by the monitoring body (supervisory board/advisory board).

Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC) uses a monetary incentive system for employees in the form of a performance-based bonus in line with the relevant collective agreement (TV-AVH). The performance-based bonus is a variable extra amount paid in addition to the payroll amount. Exempt employees working under a special contract receive a management bonus. The amount of a bonus payment is determined based on the achievement of pre-defined annual performance targets. The details of this compensation system can be found in the "Company Agreement on the Implementation of Performance and Success-based Compensation, and Agreement of a Company-Wide System” (Betriebsvereinbarung zur Einführung leistungs- und erfolgsorientierter Entgelte und Vereinbarung eines betrieblichen Systems). Because of the coronavirus pandemic, no targets were agreed for the year 2020. 

The targets of the Executive Board are based on the specifications provided by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH). The Executive Board may receive a management bonus, as well. The salaries paid to the Executive Board are disclosed in the HCGK-Declaration of Compliance.

Furthermore, HMC offers non-monetary incentives to encourage its employees to embrace sustainability. For example, as of 2020 trainees have the option of receiving training from the Chamber Of Commerce to become so-called “Energy Scouts". In a course lasting several days, they receive instructions on energy efficiency and efficient use of resources. They can take this knowledge to their training company to identify solution-oriented potential for more sustainability.
In addition, HMC offers its employees discounted public transport tickets (ProfiTicket) as well as company-owned staff bicycles.

Employees are also given the option to participate in an in-house Health Day, which typically takes place every two years, and to enter the annual MOPO relay race free of charge.