8. Incentive Schemes

The higher education institution explains to what extent its executive organisational units promote and stimulate sustainability processes in both material and non-material ways by means of project-specific or allocated budget resources and how they authorise and support such activities at all (decision-making) levels. It also explains to what extent the management of higher education institutions checks the effectiveness of such incentive systems.

The Environmental Campus Birkenfeld has firmly anchored the area of sustainability in its mission statement and pursues an uncompromisingly ecological concept. Thus, the university benefits from an intrinsic incentive through all organizational units to promote and initiate sustainability processes. The university's operations as well as the areas of research and teaching are strongly focused on the idea of sustainability, and students and employees are always encouraged to actively participate in the university's sustainability process. The two departments also support students by providing grants for field trips and conferences, most of which are sustainability-related. Some activities, projects, and initiatives that take this incentive system into account are highlighted below.

ECTS points for interdisciplinary work related to sustainability

To give students an incentive to engage in sustainable activities, the Environmental Campus Birkenfeld offers students the opportunity to have their sustainability-oriented engagement recognized as academic achievement. Thus, students can receive ECTS credits if they at events such as the annual children's university at the environmental campus or get involved in the Green Office. In addition, interdisciplinary projects can also be carried out with external partners from institutes, universities, or industry.

Martin Klar Award for Student Involvement

For the sixth time in 2019, the Martin Klar Award was presented to students for exceptional commitment in memory of Professor Martin Klar, who died in 2002. Markus Klassen, a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering program, was delighted to receive the award. The award winner distinguished himself through his commitment to the university in many areas and always stood up for the interests of his fellow students and the university.