Key Performance Indicators to criteria 5 to 7

Key Performance Indicator GRI SRS-102-16: Values
The reporting organization shall report the following information:

a. A description of the organization’s values, principles, standards, and norms of behavior.

Global mission: “Our heart beats for everyone in the world. We offer them the products and brand experience that helps them to feel more beautiful at all times.”

Global values: passion, courage, trust, reliability, openness and responsibility. In addition, loyalty – to our employees, to our business partners and to the people at our locations.

Code of Conduct: the content is based on the ILO Core Labor Standards and, of course, compliance with the stipulated and local laws.

Global Sustainability Mission: “Our heart beats for everyone in the world. And with every heartbeat, we try harder to have a positive impact on other people’s lives: in our company, in our neighborhood and with our partners along our value chain. To constantly challenge ourselves to perform even better and to lead our way to long-term and sustainable success.”