7. Control

The company states how and what performance indicators related to sustainability are used in its regular internal planning and control processes. It discloses how suitable processes ensure reliability, comparability and consistency of the data used for internal management and external communication.

Our strategic and operational objectives are defined in our sustainability programme (see Criterion 3, Objectives) and given deadlines for their achievement. 
As part of our sustainability reporting, Deutsche Wohnen records and discloses the relevant key figures it uses for monitoring and controlling with regard to the topics identified as material. The key figures are presented in year-on-year comparison. In addition to our key figures, we also apply the materiality principle to report on selected GRI indicators and the CRESD (Construction and Real Estate Sector Disclosures) sector-specific supplements for the real estate industry. The declaration of conformity with the Sustainability Code also reports on the specified GRI indicators as well as a selection of industry-specific supplements stipulated by the Federal Association of German Housing and Real Estate Companies (GdW).

A comprehensive overview of the key figures and our GRI content index can be found in our Sustainability Report 2017,  p. 69–90.

In our non-financial statement for 2017, we also selected a key indicator for various matters to report:
The non-financial consolidated statement 2017 of Deutsche Wohnen SE can be found in the Annual Report 2017, p. 84.