7. Control

The company states how and what performance indicators related to sustainability are used in its regular internal planning and control processes. It discloses how suitable processes ensure reliability, comparability and consistency of the data used for internal management and external communication.

Within the scope of a materiality analysis, the Werner & Mertz Group identified five areas of action (Integrity & Responsibility, Products & Customers, Production & Environment, Engagement & Society). They are described in detail, including information about the reliability, comparability and consistency of the data, in the sections on Criteria 1 to 3. Concrete goals were assigned to these action areas and are monitored by means of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and target dates.

Area of Action  Our Essential Sustainability Topics Concrete Goals Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Target Dates
Integrity & Responsibility 1. Supplier contracts with environmental and social criteria / Supplier Code of Conduct  - The extensive Supplier Code of Conduct recently developed by Werner & Mertz is a fixed component in all new and existing supplier contracts. It extends way beyond the previously expected voluntary commitment related to environmental protection, social responsibility, quality, etc. - Share (%) of A and B suppliers with a signed W&M  Supplier Code of Conduct 2025
2. Integrity Management with Code of Conduct - Deceptive acts are prevented by strengthening the integrity culture and sharpening requirements. To that end, 98% of all employees complete relevant training courses. - Share (%) of employees who have completed the W&M training program "Compliance in Everyday Work". (Length of service > six months and not production personnel) 2020 ­ 2021 (12 months from July 2020)
- Share (%) of employees with special job-related requirements (Sales, Purchasing, Marketing) who have completed additional selected training components.  (Length of service > 6 months)
Products & Customers 3. Sustainability Performance by means of Innovation Processes - Sustainability-Oriented  Innovations (SOI) result in the development of at least two new sustainable raw materials per year.  - Number of new sustainable raw materials from F&NT (research and new technologies)    Annual
4. Use of Native Plants   Continuous increase in the number of articles launched in the market that contain surfactants made from plants cultivated in Europe. - Number of new articles with European surfactants in the W&M product range Annual
Production & Environment 5. Recyclate Use in Packaging - 100% Post Consumer Recyclate (PCR) is used in all packaging. - Share of all converted packaging to 100% PCR     By
Culture & Employees 6. Corporate Culture - The target culture at W&M  is experienced and practiced by all employees in their daily work. At least 90% of  prescribed competence development discussions are held, during which all cultural aspects are examined and assessed.
- As part of the onboarding process, all new employees take part in an information session with cultural content  
7. Training and Personal Development W&M offers attractive qualification and career opportunities to all employees.  

For that purpose, strategic personnel planning is developed and appropriate instruments are rolled out through the entire organization.
- Participation rate of employees at information sessions on defined roles at W&M

-  Instruments for strategic personnel planning and qualifications were installed in all departments and at all sites.
Engagement & Society 8. Biodiversity and Species Protection - Conserve biological diversity in the vicinity of production sites in Mainz and Hallein by means of close cooperation with an environmental organization and joint projects.   

-  Protection and annual  CO2 compensation through reforestation support of the peatland rainforest Mawas Borneo

- Annual renewal of cooperation with NABU, for example, with project for the return of the tree frog to the Rhine wetlands

- CO2 compensation through cooperation with BOS of 13 tons of CO2/hectare per year.

- CO2 compensation of 132 t CO2 annually (at this time) by means of company forest maintained in cooperation with Treedom   
9. Industry initiatives (Recyclate) - In the European market, increase the use of plastic waste from post-consumer collections in high-quality packaging.

- W&M engages in political dialog regarding the legal and regulatory framework.  Our goal is to carry out at least two activities per year that attract the attention of the professional public.
- Number of activities in plastic recycling per year Ongoing
* Given the natural staff turnover, it is not possible to guarantee a training quota of 100% at a specified time.