7. Control

The company states how and what performance indicators related to sustainability are used in its regular internal planning and control processes. It discloses how suitable processes ensure reliability, comparability and consistency of the data used for internal management and external communication.

In the 2018 fiscal year, cosnova performance indicators were defined for the first time for three of the four core topics of the Sustainability Strategy. Our performance indicators create transparency with regard to our sustainability goals and help to identify opportunities for improvement. In future, they will be regularly reviewed and their progress will be reported on. They form an important pillar of our long-term corporate success. The performance indicators for the individual focal topics were defined as follows:

Harmlessness: step by step, we want to develop our products safely in the three areas of health, social affairs and the environment. Health goals are measured by the number of substances used with a red evaluation according to the internal INCI analysis. Social aspects should contribute to compliance with human rights and the elimination of child labor through transparent supply chains. They are measured by the transparency of our supply chain of natural mica originating in India. Transparency is measured as a percentage of the levels of the supply chain disclosed by the mica supplier. The goal here is to achieve a 100% transparent mica supply chain by 2023. Environmental targets are designed to promote the sustainable cultivation of natural resources, such as certified palm oil, and are measured by the amount of RSPO credits purchased. The goal is to cover 100 percent of the total consumption of palm oil/palm kernel oil and its derivatives with RSPO credits from 2018 onwards.

Working conditions: We want to ensure that at least the ILO Core Labor Standards and local legal requirements are adhered to by our business partners. Our expectations on this subject are set out transparently for all business partners in a cosnova Code of Conduct. The targets are measured by the number of signed Codes of Conduct and the number of business partners evaluated by EcoVadis in relation to the total number. The goal is to have 100 percent of our suppliers rated at least once by EcoVadis by 2021. The goal is to obtain a signed Code of Conduct from each supplier by 2020.

Waste: The topic is divided into three areas: secondary and tertiary packaging, display and marketing materials and obsolete products. We strive for a general reduction in waste for all of them. The focus is on the use of more environmentally-friendly, sustainable and recyclable materials and finally, the disposal of the residual material through recycling or upcycling. The objectives are measured on the basis of the realization and the degree of implementation of a so-called negative list at our business partners. It specifies the type of materials that may be used. 
The goal is a 100 percent implementation of the "must haves" of the negative list at our business partners by 2020, as well as a 100 percent implementation of all "should haves" of the negative list by 2021.

Social affairs: Our corporate mission provides the basis for our social commitment. With its help, we strive to have a positive impact on the lives of others: both in our company, in our neighborhood and along our value chain. No measurable performance indicators have yet been determined for this focus area.