7. Control

The company states how and what performance indicators related to sustainability are used in its regular internal planning and control processes. It discloses how suitable processes ensure reliability, comparability and consistency of the data used for internal management and external communication.

In addition to financial performance indicators, OLB also observes a series of non-financial performance indicators on a regular basis. These comprise, in particular, indicators on environmental issues, or environmental standards of the series 300 of the GRI standards, on employee matters (e.g. quota of employees working part-time, gender distribution in leadership positions, number and reasons for employees leaving the company), on social matters (e.g. funding projects and volume), client matters (e.g. client satisfaction, client development, processing quality index, number of complaints in the complaints report) and on the prevention of money laundering / fraud. These data are collected and reported regularly and by applying consistent methods in the competent departments, including by involving specialised external service providers, if needed, to ensure their comparability. Such data are analysed jointly with the responsible units and, in case of need, with the sustainability work group, in order to identify potentials for improvement and then, measures to increase the sustainability performance are defined and controlled.