6. Rules and Processes

The company discloses how the sustainability strategy is implemented in the operational business by way of rules and processes.

The steering committee serves the divisional and departmental discourse and the management and further development of sustainability initiatives in corporate governance, banking business, banking operations and HR management. The steering committee has regular meetings.

Under the guidance of the Sustainability Officer, the ESG team entrenches sustainability activities in all organisational units. The ESG team is subdivided into various issue-related work groups which tend to be cross-divisional and cross-departmental:
The working group and the entire ESG team are developing proposals for decisions to be taken by a steering group and the Management Board, with particular regard to quantitative objectives and the embedding of management systems.

Rentenbank has set a Code of Conduct for all its staff. This forms the cornerstone of a legally compliant and ethically-oriented, sustainable corporate culture and is further supplemented by specific policies and internal rules for preventing criminal activities or accepting gifts and invitations. Employees can peruse all relevant policies posted on the Bank’s intranet.