6. Rules and Processes

The company discloses how the sustainability strategy is implemented in the operational business by way of rules and processes.

In day-to-day business operations, sustainability is implemented by all organisational units (e .g. Compliance, Purchasing, Climate & Environment Protection, Human Resources, Legal, Technical Services) of Hamburg Messe und Congress GmbH (HMC).

All ecology-related activities are monitored by the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board and the shareholder.

Key guidance and principles for the related activities of HMC include, without limitation, the Hamburg Code of Corporate Governance (HCGK) [for details refer to Criterion 3], the HMC Corporate Compliance Programme [refer to Criterion 20], relevant guidelines issued by the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg (FHH) and Federal Ministries, relevant legal provisions [refer to Criterion 20], and the FHH Climate Plan.

Furthermore, HMC has prepared “Green Guidelines for Exhibitors To Ensure An Eco-Friendly Exhibition“ of its own which it provides to exhibitors.

Sustainability is anchored in the HMC Operations Manual as part of the Corporate Compliance Programme. The Operations Manual contains compulsory rules for all employees.

Furthermore, HMC documented its own Climate Protection Policy as early as 2009.  
  1. We recognize our responsibility to protect the earth’s climate.
  2. We consider climate protection as a matter that must be addressed at the executive level. Therefore all managerial staff are required to help us achieve our climate protection goals.
  3. We believe that climate protection begins at the place of work. We therefore expect all our employees to do what they can in their daily work to reduce emissions of noxious substances to air.
  4. We consider climate protection as a business activity of growing importance. As a consequence our business goals do not clash with climate protection but are aligned with it.
  5. We comply with all statutory provisions regarding climate protection. As a company committed to the protection of the climate, we endeavour to go beyond the statutory requirements in reducing harmful emissions to air from our business activities.
  6. We monitor and improve our climate protection measures continuously to the extent that is possible to us.
  7. Protecting the climate is a challenge for society at large. We therefore engage in a continuous dialogue with our employees, our Supervisory Board, our Principal, our customers and suppliers and society at large about climate protection in the context of trade fairs, congresses and other events.