6. Rules and Processes

The company discloses how the sustainability strategy is implemented in the operational business by way of rules and processes.

See also criteria 5  

All CR officers maintain close contact across national boundaries and work on the five fields of action from our CR Policy. They also coordinate at their respective companies with colleagues from Purchasing and Quality Assurance, as well as with other departments, bodies of experts and divisions. Among others, this includes Human Resources (HR), Corporate Communications, Marketing, Sales and Logistics. Overall, more than 50 staff members deal with CR at ALDI North.  

The CR department coordinates the review of environmental and social standards and is in close contact with suppliers and buyers. ALDI CR-Support Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong, whose primary task is to monitor suppliers and production facilities, provides support for the CR department during its work in the production countries. That is how we additionally check the conditions and progress ourselves on site.  

The ALDI Buying Corporate Responsibility (CR) department draws up the resource-specific purchasing policies in consultation with the buying department and the ALDI North Group countries. The CR department also coordinates the implementation of the provisions defined therein. The ALDI North Group countries may develop national versions of the purchasing policies to meet country-specific requirements. Before we adopt new sustainability requirements, we check that implementation is feasible with the selected suppliers. The requirements developed in this way become a fixed element in our purchasing processes and contracts.  

Climate Protection
The development towards more climate-friendly logistics is being driven forward within Germany by the Logistics department of ALDI Buying and the regional companies. Communication on this issue is taking place with the ALDI North Group companies in the relevant countries. In May 2018, we adopted our International Climate Protection Policy.  

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