6. Rules and processes

The higher education institution explains how it implements the sustainability strategy by means of rules and processes.

Quality management at the environmental campus ensures that the sustainability strategy is implemented. In this way, excellent studies, teaching, and research services can be provided at the campus. For this purpose, a sustainability-related qualification profile was developed based on the strategic objectives from the mission statement and university development plan (the provided websites are in german).

In accordance with the university profile, the quality management system places the responsibility of the departments for teaching and studying in the foreground and has established central processes, quality assurance procedures, and structures at three levels - the course, the department, and the university as a whole - which are intended to work together according to the principle of the PDCA cycle.

Further information on how the sustainability strategy is implemented through rules and processes in the university process can be found in the german Sustainability Report 2017/2018 in the chapter "Future of the UCB - the campus continues to develop" can be read.