5. Responsibility

Accountability within the company’s management with regard to sustainability is disclosed.

Sustainability is firmly anchored in HOCHTIEF's organization: Various bodies with clear responsibilities are permanently in place - as laid down in the CR guideline. The CR organization includes the CR Committee with the participation of the Board of Management, the Sustainability Competence Team and the CR Staff Office. CR committees also exist in the HOCHTIEF Americas and Asia Pacific divisions. The evaluation and implementation of committee topics and resolutions is just as much a part of CR work as the Group-wide exchange of results. The Turner and CIMIC Group companies have implemented their own operational competence teams, which met several times in the year under review. Data on sustainability is collected via the Group-wide SoFi software, which was rolled out in the year under review.

The CR Committee was established in 2007. One member of the Executive Board attends the meetings. This body has the task of further developing the sustainability strategy. To this end, it identifies CR topics that affect the entire Group and derives general strategic goals from them. In close coordination with the operating units, objectives and measures are developed from this and their implementation and implementation is supported and monitored by the Committee. The committee also assesses the demands of HOCHTIEF stakeholders on the topic and, if necessary, initiates programs and measures to take these interests into account in the strategy and activities. The CR Committee makes decisions within the scope of its competencies and makes recommendations to the Board of Management.

The Executive Board of HOCHTIEF Aktiengesellschaft bears overall responsibility for the topic CR/sustainability. Controlling the department is the task of the CR function, which closely cooperates with all Management Boards and corporate departments.The work of the CR function and different CR committees serves the continuous strategic operational further development of sustainability at HOCHTIEF.