5. Responsibility

Accountability within the company’s management with regard to sustainability is disclosed.

The HMC Compliance and Sustainability Officer is in charge of coordinating compliance and environmental & climate protection activities.

Operational responsibility for other social matters related to occupational health and safety management has been entrusted to the Technical Services, Facility Management and Human Resources functions. The Equality Officer is appointed by the Legal and Controlling (stand-in) departments for the given reporting period.  

Central responsibility rests with the Executive Board which receives all information directly from the operational departments. All investment projects (e. g. retrofitting LED lighting equipment, installing charging stations for e-cars) are additionally subject to revision by the Supervisory Board and approval by the shareholder.  

To ensure close interaction between the company’s organisational units, a Sustainability Project Team was formed in 2019 which establishes an ongoing exchange of information on sustainability issues across the company. Furthermore, the CCH Division has appointed two sustainability representatives who work closely with the HMC Sustainability Officer.