5. Responsibility

Accountability within the company’s management with regard to sustainability is disclosed.

The Integrated Management System (IMS) combines methods and instruments for compliance with requirements from quality, health protection, occupational safety and environmental protection in a uniform structure that serves to control and monitor the organization. Within the Dussmann Group, an Integrated Management System (IMS) from the Dussmann Service division, which is managed by the Dussmann Stiftung as a legal entity, is used to effectively organize tasks and processes on the basis of international standard requirements. There is also an Integrated Management System on company or subgroup level (for example, in Italy or at Kursana).

This responsibility belongs to the executive board of the Dussmann Group and the management teams of the individual companies. The group’s sustainability strategy is operationalized in the form of an integrated management system (IMS); the area of QHSE (quality, health, safety, environment) plays a leading role, combines the activities, and interlocks the company's sustainability management processes.